Janelle Stone, Associate Pastor
Contact: janelle@thenorthwestchurch.com

Spouse: Liam (married 2002)
Children: Ngila (born 2004) and Beatrix (born 2006)
Favorite Drink:  Coffee
Favorite Snack:  Popcorn
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite Restaurant: Taco Bamba
Favorite DC Spot: The veranda of the Kennedy Centre
Favorite Hobby: Building things- furniture, clothes, jewellery, bathrooms or lunch
Birthday: April 24
Place I grew up: Alberta, Canada
Other places I have lived: DC is the only American City I have lived in,  I am a Canadian girl.
My favourite TV show: Amazing Race
If I had a plane ticket: Paris
My ideal dinner guest: Someone who is hungry! I love to cook for people and there is always room at our table.
Car or Metro: Metro- actually feet, then Metro, then Bike, Car for long trips and lots of cargo.
Education: Associated Arts and Religion Diploma (’96), Bachelor of Arts- Sociology and Psychology (’99),  RSW (’00)
Home: DC
Favorite Quality about God: Mercy, compassion
Favorite Scripture: Micah 6:8
What I want a guest at Northwest to know: I am really glad you came today,  that you would seek to worship with us is exciting to me- and I hope you brought your kids!