An Update on the Work of Racial Justice

We are very fortunate to be a part of an association of 2200 churches that are diverse and include a significant number of African American and Latino congregations. We estimate that about 25% of the congregations in the US and Canada are African American churches. Many denominational leaders that I speak to are envious that the Church of God has been able to maintain its diversity when practically every other denomination has split along racial lines. But unity doesn’t happen […]

Responding to Uvalde

The story of the Uvalde school shooting is one we had hoped we would never hear again.  Yet, this week 19 children and 2 adults were killed in the tragedy.  The image in my head is a 10 year old named Xavier who held up his honor roll certificate for a photo just hours before he was killed. A beautiful life cut short and the reasons for his death will never make sense. In the aftermath politicians will debate gun […]

Celebrate AAPI Heritage – May 22

What color of flowers would you give to your Chinese neighbor for Chinese New Year? If you get it wrong, your neighbor might not be overly excited. Loving our neighbors includes learning about their cultures. This year our Asian Pacific American Heritage celebration will focus on the unique holidays within Asian cultures. Members will share about their unique holidays and we will enjoy samples of food that are common for those holidays. Ms. Kazuko Carper will be joining us after […]

Ministry to the City

During Covid, it has been very difficult to continue our engagement with the city outside of our walls.  However, as things slowly return to normal we want to make sure that our efforts outside of our walls pick back up. I meet with churches nearly every week who stopped focusing outside of their walls decades ago, and the lack of vitality and fruitfulness is heartbreaking.  May that never be NWCC during our lifetimes! One of the exercises that I ask […]

Does God Sing?

Most mornings I wake up to hear Jackson singing the latest song that has captured his attention. Sometimes, Kristie and I have to solve the mystery to figure out what the song is. He loves Kirk Franklin’s song “Hosanna” which he has been playing since Easter. On the other end of the spectrum he will sing “Last Christmas” by Wham all year long! This week as I was getting him ready for school out of the blue he asked me […]

Capture the Moment!

Carletta Girma is a gifted local Photographer who will be with us to capture photographs after worship on Easter Sunday. Bring your family and friends and receive a beautiful photograph you will cherish for years to come. It’s convenient and absolutely free! You will be sent an email with the picture and can pickup a print of the picture at a future visit.

Join us April 17th

The story of the resurrection is a story of hope. It’s a story that brings us the chance for a fresh start. This Easter, let the story come alive in you so that you can find the joy that only Jesus can bring. Service is at 10AM. Join us after worship on the lawn for refreshments, an egg hunt and the chance to have a professional photo taken. Digital copies of the photos will be shared with you via email […]

March 2 – April 16

Lent is a 40-day season (not counting Sundays) marked by repentance, fasting, reflection, and ultimately celebration. The 40-day period represents Christ’s time of temptation in the wilderness, where he fasted and where Satan tempted him. Lent asks believers to set aside a time each year for similar fasting, marking an intentional season of focus on Christ’s life, ministry, sacrifice, and resurrection. SERVICE DATESMarch 2 – Ash Wednesday drive thru ashes 5-7PMMarch 2 – Ash Wednesday service from 7-7:30PMApril 10 – […]

Jesus is Greater

Are you struggling in your faith? The simple remedy is this – get Jesus right and the rest will follow. Hebrews is a letter to a group of Jewish believers who were tempted to simply add Jesus as a nice accessory to what they already thought and believed. In building its argument, Hebrews challenges us with an image of Jesus who is beyond compare and who is capable of far more than what we can imagine.