Current Series

In his letter to the churches in Galatia we see a very angry Paul. He’s angry because many wanted to make the Good News of Jesus into the “fairly good news” of Jesus. For the Gentiles, they were hearing that in addition to accepting Jesus that they had a lot of other requirements to fulfill. Paul is adamant that Jesus is enough. When we identify ourselves with Him, we can become a new person – accepted and set free. Join […]

Sept. Series, 2022

In this series we explore the covenants that God made with his people. These covenant stories tell us so much about God’s character and his love for us. These stories also reveal how often we fall short, but still God wants to be in a covenant relationship with us!


NW Community moved to a “Mask Optional” policy beginning on July 31, 2022. However, please consider the current CDC guidance below when deciding if you should wear a mask when visiting. MASKS ARE RECOMMENDED BY CDC IF YOU…• HAD COVID WITHIN LAST 10 DAYS• HAVE COME INTO CLOSE CONTACT WITH SOMEONE WHO TESTED POSITIVE OVER LAST 10 DAYS• HAVE COVID-LIKE SYMPTOMS• HAVE AN INCREASED HEALTH RISK

Children (Infant – Grade 5)

Short Worship Opening… When you arrive, look for our Children Check-In Center in the lobby. Children are invited to stay in worship for the first part of our service which will include contemporary, upbeat worship songs. During our informal greeting time, parents/guardians are invited to take their children to the lower level to our children’s program. Teens can walk to their class during this time as well. Safety Parents/Guardians sign in their children in the lobby upon arrival. Parents are asked […]

Fall ’21 Series

‘UNSHAKABLE‘ All throughout Scripture, God gives promises to His people. When God makes a promise, he will not break it.  In this series, we lean in and take God at his word when he promises us everything that we need to withstand the storms of life.

Recent Series

Are you exhausted, stuck, anxious, angry or afraid? You are not alone. The last 18 months has been a roller coaster of emotions. God’s Word warns us about the destructive power of these emotions but it also gives us hope and a path forward.

Summer Series

Jesus talks about the “Kingdom of God” 80 times in the four Gospels.  It is an ideological framework that is essential for truly understanding who Jesus is and what he came to do. What is it?  It is God coming in power to rule and save and to reverse the social order.  Over the Summer, we will unpack what that means when applied to our relationships, our finances, our culture and so much more. Click Image to View Playlist

Northwest Kids Lessons

Check back each week for a new lesson. Children are welcome to access the lessons and activities during worship or anytime throughout the week. Want to receive the physical activity packs for your child? Contact Deonka Euill at for more information. BELOW TO SEE ALL CURRENT LESSONS AUGUST 22: CAIN & ABELKey Point: We Don’t Hurt OthersScripture: Genesis 4:1-16 AUGUST 22: HONOR YOUR PARENTSKey Point: How to Honor our ParentsScripture: Proverbs 1:8-9; 20:20; 23:22-25 AUGUST 15: THE SABBATHKey Point: […]

“Ready or Not” Sermon Series

July/August 2020We don’t get to pick what happens to us. We do get to pick how we respond. As people of faith, we are called to see the rapid changes happening all around us through a different lens.  If you have felt tossed about from one news story to the next, this series will help you reclaim strength and stability as we examine how God has a history of working in turbulent times.