I Should Have Asked Sooner

Dan Turner, June 2020 I am white. Most of the people that call me ‘Pastor Dan’ are not.  I’ve enjoyed the beauty of those relationships. I love learning about other cultures and other experiences. Somebody told me years ago that most pastors have 2-3 sermons that really “live in them”. For me, one of those sermons has been the message of reconciliation.  For 16 years, I’ve been working to love and understand the people in my church and my city […]

Dory and the Path Home (7.6.16)

One of the things we hope to accomplish in our recently completed movie series is to give you a fresh lens through which to view the culture around you. With that lens still being so fresh, I took my daughter to see the “Finding Dory” movie. The movie probably should have been called “Finding Dory’s Parents” but I guess that title is less catchy. Dory has a moment when she has an awakening that her parents are out there somewhere as memories […]

Sermon: Built to Last (Part 2)

This week, Pastor Dan continues his “Built to Last” sermon series. The message gives you four keys ways to make sure your home is solid. Key verses: John 15:1-11 Colossians 2:6-7 Matthew 7:24 John 14:27 Revelation 3:20 Listen to the sermon using the player below or download the MP3 file to your computer to listen to later. Built To Last – Part 2