Nehemiah Series

After the exile, the city of Jerusalem lies in ruins. It’s walls were completely torn down so the people were defenseless.  Then God goes to work and calls a man named Nehemiah.  What follows is an exciting and challenging story about how God works to rebuild from the ruins.  We will face seasons of life when we look around and only see ruins of what used to be.  It’s in those seemingly hopeless situations that God does some of His […]

Identity Series

Who are you? We put our lives and our joy at risk anytime we base our identity on things that could change or on what others think of us. Too many times we believe the lies about ourselves.  Jesus came so that he could give us a whole new identity – the you were intended to be.  In this series, we hope the destructive lies will be laid to rest and your confidence in who God made you to be will soar. […]

Spring 2018 Events

              aster Egg Hunt Outreach with Soccer Classes (9:30-12:30) March 25 – Kids choir practice after worship March 30 – Good Friday Worship Service April 1 – Easter Sunday (Service at 10AM) April 6 – Friday Youth Meeting at 7PM April 8 – Baby dedication of Jolie Vandy April 8 – Coffee , Confections & Conversation after Worship April 8 – Newcomer Session during the coffee hour April 8 – “Identity” Sermon Series Begins April […]

Easter Sunday

              Jesus said: “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Come visit us at Northwest Community Church for a relevant message about following the way established by our risen Savior. We want you to connect with Christ and experience abundant life! Adult Worship at 10AM (sanctuary) Kid’s Worship at 10AM (lower level performance space) followed by age appropriate class time. Come as you are.  Free coffee, tea and danishes every […]

Ephesians – a cosmic shift

The mystery is revealed. That was Paul’s message to the church at Ephesus. The mystery of Christ’s redemption is a moment in time that involves a cosmic shift – Jesus Christ has given us a new identity and a new way of living. Nothing will be the same after Him. Sometimes we recognize our need for that cosmic change in life, while other times we shrug off Christ as semi-important. As we study Ephesians during the season of Lent, you […]

Jazz Cafe 2.18.18

Jazz Cafe Worship Service – February 18, 2018 Join us for breakfast at 9:45AM on the lower level and be prepared for a fun and inspiring service. The Keith Butler Quartet is a group of local jazz musicians who will be playing for the service. It will also be a very special day for the children as they worship upstairs and experience multiple stations throughout the morning. Please invite a friend out to this VERY visitor-friendly worship experience.

Super Bowl of Preaching 2.4.18

You will want to get a seat early to get ready for the coin toss and the first quarter of preaching at 10:05AM. You have never seen anything like this service.  Four quarters of short power-packed sermons on the theme of “Running to Win.”  The half-time worship experience will be must-see church. Commercial time is going fast at a rate of ten billion dollars for a 30 second spot.  Fun, exciting and inspirational – you won’t want to miss this […]

Athletic Ambitions

This year we are planning an exciting service on the day of the big game. Wear your favorite jersey – any sport is okay. Scripture has some great game day encouragement that might just inspire you to get the athlete inside of you off the couch and running the race of life.

I Resolve…

This is that time of year when we become painfully aware of who we are not, and what we need to do differently. Traditionally, the new year is a season of self-absorption. It’s all about what we can do to make ourselves better people. The result is that churches, health clubs, debt counselors, and vitamin shops do a booming business. But we tend to forget that the people we respect the most didn’t devote their lives to becoming the best […]

Start Your Journey

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been inside a church or if you’ve never been in a church, Northwest is a great place to make a fresh start in your spiritual journey. You won’t be put on the spot or made to feel like a loser. Far from it, God loves those who need a fresh start and we do too!