Habits Series

Motivation is what gets you started in a new direction. Habits are what keep you going. If we believe that God wants to “transform us by renewing our minds” having good spiritual habits and eliminating destructive habits is an essential practice. In this three-part series, we’ll see how a few small habits can change how you see yourself today and can transform you into the person you want to be tomorrow.

Open for In-Person

Get More Info – Except for a break on August 8 & 15th, we are open for in-person worship! We have transformed our worship sanctuary and kids’ spaces into a covid-safe environments both operating at or under 30% capacity. Although things look different, it is so wonderful to be worshipping together in person again! As of May 30th, reservations are no longer required.

I Am

In the Gospel of John, Jesus claims His divinity by using the phrase “I Am” seven times. He joins the phrase to tremendous metaphors, expressing His saving relationship toward the world and showing that He is everything we need! Click below to see the series playlist.

January 2021 Series

DON’T GIVE UP! The book of Hebrews was written to a group of believers who had been through some dark times. The writer stands along the race route cheering them on. He’s encouraging them to dig deeper and most importantly – encouraging them to access the one thing that will get them through – their faith in Christ. More than ever, we need our faith to keep us moving forward each day. This series of sermons will encourage you to […]

Christmas Series

Christmas Upside Down – A King in a feeding trough. A royal declaration made to Shepherds. A capital city bypassed for a small village. Everything about the Christmas story seems completely upside down. And yet, that is most often where God does His best work – when things seem upside down to us. This Christmas season will not be anything like the ones you have experienced before. But instead of waiting for “normal”, let’s embrace the absurdity of 2020 and […]

Fall 2020 Series

James answers the question of what faith looks like when we take it off the shelf and put it to use in the everyday messiness of life. He considers practical issues like living in tough times, caring for the poor, controlling our tongues and developing patience. James hold particular relevance in the world today as we are challenged to live out our faith in uncertain times.

Northwest Kids Lessons

Check back each week for a new lesson. Children are welcome to access the lessons and activities during worship or anytime throughout the week. Want to receive the physical activity packs for your child? Contact Deonka Euill at deonka@gmail.com for more information.https://youtu.be/5Zexzo8Td3CLICK BELOW TO SEE ALL CURRENT LESSONS AUGUST 22: CAIN & ABELKey Point: We Don’t Hurt OthersScripture: Genesis 4:1-16 AUGUST 22: HONOR YOUR PARENTSKey Point: How to Honor our ParentsScripture: Proverbs 1:8-9; 20:20; 23:22-25 AUGUST 15: THE SABBATHKey Point: […]

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“Ready or Not” Sermon Series

July/August 2020We don’t get to pick what happens to us. We do get to pick how we respond. As people of faith, we are called to see the rapid changes happening all around us through a different lens.  If you have felt tossed about from one news story to the next, this series will help you reclaim strength and stability as we examine how God has a history of working in turbulent times.

NWCC Racial Justice Resources

THE DCIST online magazine is maintaining a list of protests and events. https://dcist.com/ National Museum of African American HistoryTalking about Race Resources https://buildingmovement.org/our-work/movement-building/solidarity-is/ Affirming Black Lives in Schools Document https://docs.google.com/document/u/0/d/123kermG94-4udl-fKkBse_WrPVMdAF9-9ktngAtLszk/mobilebasic Slavery to Mass Incarceration Slavery to Mass Incarceration – YouTube The myth of racial difference created to sustain American slavery persists today. Slavery did not end in 1865, it evolved. Nonprofits & Activism. Comments are turned off. www.youtube.com Terror Lynching in America Terror Lynching in America – YouTube Our history […]