‘Twas the Night Before Christmas Advent Series

Twas the Night Before Christmas Sermon Series

In predicting the coming of the Messiah, Scripture says that those walking in darkness will see a great light.  It seems hard to miss a light when you are in darkness, but it happens every day.  Even during the Christmas season, when hints of Christ’s coming are all around many will still miss the true light of Christmas.  Let’s learn from the mistakes of those that missed the light of that first Christmas so that we can celebrate the hope […]

Love Revolution Series

In John 13:34-35, Jesus turns to His disciples and gives them an imperative – love each other like I’ve been loving you. He goes on to say “that’s how everyone will know you are my followers.”  Above all else, followers of Christ should be known for how we love.  Jesus didn’t start a political revolt. He started a love revolution that continues to this day. Let’s join the revolution! Watch Entire Series Below. November 10 – Loving Your Neighbor November […]


trypraying. is a citywide iniative to give hope to our city

Maybe you have tried everything else to fix that big hairy issue in your life, but have you tried praying? In Part 1, hear the story of a woman in Scripture who was desperate for help, and was healed when she reached for Jesus. In Part 2, we will be challenged to help those around us to try praying. Grab a 7 day prayer guide online, in service or at the receptacle in the front lawn.  NWCC is joining with a […]

“Wake Up!” Series

Wake up - September Preaching Series at Northwest Community Church

In Ephesians 5:14 God calls for his to people to “Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead, and Christ will give you light.”  We go through times in our walk with Christ, when we need to hear the alarm going off.  It’s time to wake up! You might be half-asleep spiritually, but Christ wants to shake you awake through this series.  September 8 – Turn The Light On! September 15 – The Company of the Woken


FREE!  4th Annual Family Water Day- With the start of school rapidly approaching, we want to throw the kids in our church and community a water party! Come out and enjoy a 22′ high water slide or our smaller climbing and slide zone. Don’t miss the chance to drench your friends with our dump bucket. The event lasts from 3 – 6PM. CHECK OUT OUR 2019 FEATURES Over 20 Foot Tall Water Slide 35 Foot Slip n Slide – New […]

Ask Me Anything

Ask Me Anything. If you could ask God one question what would it be?

Everyone has questions.  Too often we are just afraid to ask them. But questions left to linger too long can eat away at our faith. In this series, we are going to Scripture to see what God would say in response to your tough questions. We already have dozens of questions but will be receiving more all the way through mid-August.  So ask away! Topics (so far)What Happens After I Die? How do I Discover My Purpose? Why Does God […]

20s & 30s

Our growing group of 20s & 30s gather each month for lunch right after worship and for great activities around the city. You can learn more by contacting Chelsea Hopkins by clicking 20s & 30s Info: mailto:chelsea.nicole.hopkins@gmail.com

At the Movies 2019

Jesus routinely used stories to teach his deepest truths.  In this series we jump into some of the biggest movies of the last several months to see what God would want to say on the pressing topics these movies put forward. This is a great series to invite a friend! June 16 – Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse June 23 – Avengers: End Game June 30 – Interview with God July 7 – The Hate You Give July 14 – Ralph […]

Revelation Series

We often shy away from reading from John’s vision recorded in Revelation because it can be confusing and overwhelming. But underlying the whole book is an encouragement to stay strong even in the midst of times when your faith is severely tested. What makes the book so compelling is the promise to those who do remain faithful. It’s the promise that even now He is making all things new and bringing restoration to this broken world. It’s the promise that […]