Ministry to the City

During Covid, it has been very difficult to continue our engagement with the city outside of our walls.  However, as things slowly return to normal we want to make sure that our efforts outside of our walls pick back up. I meet with churches nearly every week who stopped focusing outside of their walls decades ago, and the lack of vitality and fruitfulness is heartbreaking.  May that never be NWCC during our lifetimes!

One of the exercises that I ask leaders in struggling churches to do is to read the Epistles and the book of Acts through a lens of outward engagement.  In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul is very aware at how some of their practices in worship confused guests and distracted them from Christ.  He tells Timothy to make sure that leaders have a good reputation with those outside of the church. And of course, most of the book of Acts is about the expansion of God’s Church to reach more people. The reminders are there – don’t lose focus on the surrounding community!

We are beginning to look again at ways to engage with our neighbors as we transition out of this phase of the pandemic.  We’ve been posting our cultural celebrations on the local neighborhood listservs and encountered many of our neighbors as a result.  This weekend, we have invited the community to participate with our youth and kids in our end of school party on the lawn.

On June 18, we have applied to have a booth at the Columbia Heights Day Festival where we plan to focus on activities for children.

We encourage you to invite those in your circle of influence to our events and our services so that they can encounter the peace of Christ in our midst. As you read this today, maybe God is nudging you with some names or faces.   Maybe God is also nudging you to be a part of our upcoming efforts outside of our walls.   Help me pray that the coming months will be a season of fruitfulness for our church.  Blessings, Pastor Dan

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