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Except for a break on August 8 & 15th, we are open for in-person worship! We have transformed our worship sanctuary and kids’ spaces into a covid-safe environments both operating at or under 30% capacity. Although things look different, it is so wonderful to be worshipping together in person again! As of May 30th, reservations are no longer required.

2 thoughts on “Open for In-Person

  1. Do you still require masks at worship?

    Do you have space to rent for another faith community?

    Dixcy Bosley. ( Church of the Saviour)

    1. Hi, thanks for your interest in the church. We do have a mask requirement. Right now, we are not able to accommodate any more groups. We currently have two other churches and a community group using the space each week. Sorry for the delayed response! Blessings, Pastor Dan

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