Northwest Kids Lessons

Check back each week for a new lesson. Children are welcome to access the lessons and activities during worship or anytime throughout the week. Want to receive the physical activity packs for your child? Contact Deonka Euill at for more information.

September 27th: God Tells Job About His Creation
Two Videos? Yep! First is for Grades 1-5 & Second is for younger kids.
Key Point: God Made Everything!
Scripture: Job 38-39, Psalm 8
Older Kids Supplies: Bible, Index Cards, Marker, Tape
Younger Kids Supplies: (Animal Cards & Habitat Cards)

September 20th: MOSES & THE BURNING BUSH
Key Point: God is Real!
Scripture: Exodus 3:1–4:17
Gather Your Supplies: Bible, Sheet of Paper, Pencil, Marker, a Cup of Water
Extra Activity Pages

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