One Big Story (May/June)

Do you have trouble reading and understanding the Bible? During this series, we will move through wide swaths of Scripture and help you understand that all of Scripture is part of one big story that God has been weaving together. Each week, the story will grow richer and more meaningful as the plot thickens. The excitement will build as we move closer to the climax of Jesus’ ministry. We believe this journey through the Bible will forever change how you approach God’s Word and renew your excitement about the greatest story every told.

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One thought on “One Big Story (May/June)

  1. Dan, This is Shirley and Ken Freeman from Dunn Loring (well, years ago, we went there). We were thrilled to find your church’s website and to enjoy some of your videos. We always wondered how you were, if you were still in the DC area, preaching, etc.

    I started searching for you because I wanted to find the song that you used to sing, “Saved to the Uttermost”. We had it at one time, but I think it was on an old cassette tape. Do you have that recorded somewhere? YouTube would even be fine. I just want to hear you singing that again. There was so much gospel in that song!

    Hope you and your family are safe through this COVID-19. Ken and I are safe here in NC. The numbers keep growing, but we know God is in charge of it, and our trust is in Him.

    Shirley & Ken Freeman

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