Campus Closed 3/22 & 3/29 (Livestreaming Continues)

Information Regarding our Response to the Coronavirus Crisis

This is an evolving situation so this document is subject to change.
(Updated March 19, 2020)

The Quick Version

Worship Services: Precautions, How to livestream, Links and tutorial video

Community Connections: We are relying on our small groups to keep us connected. Inquire about how to connect with a group.

Spiritual Support:              Worship, Prayer Challenge & New Tuesday Night Devotional with Prayer Webchat

Christ’s Hands & Feet:      Find ways to help those around you.

Wrap Up: Thank God for His Church. He is faithful!

Read below for details on what you see in this quick version…


Worship Services

The research shows that the only way to limit the spread of the virus is to begin to diminish gatherings where people are in close contact.  Our church wants to be a part of the solution to ending this virus and not contribute to its spread.

If we are coming together, we continue to encourage you to keep your distance from others and greet each other with words only.  We continue to have hand sanitizer and tissues available in our common areas.

Beginning very soon, we expect to transition to live streaming services only. Thankfully, NWCC already has this technology and it is working beautifully.  If live streaming is new to you, then check out our tutorial video we made to help you understand how to watch the services.  The services will begin live on Sundays at 10AM on both our facebook page as well as our youtube channel, but the recording will still be available on both sites for the weeks following.

Our worship services may be a bit shorter, but all of the content that you get on a Sunday morning will be included.

Maintaining Our Community Connections

Given the fact that the gatherings on our campus will likely end soon and may not resume for a few weeks if not more, we are encouraging our small groups to continue meeting using phone/webchat. Groups of just a few people may also meet outside while still maintaining separation. Thankfully, we have built a VERY strong network of small groups.  During this pandemic, they will become even more crucial to maintaining our community connections. 

Groups are our first line of defense in caring for the needs of our members. Groups are also the place where we anticipate that you will make deeper more meaningful connections.  With the coming weeks likely filled with lots of self-isolation, we hope that your group will be a lifeline of support and friendship.   We need each other.  That is certainly one of the lessons this pandemic is teaching our world.

If you are not part of a small group, there is no time like the present to find one.  Katrina has thrown open the door and invited anyone who needs a group to contact her so that she can get you connected. Contact her today if you want to discuss some options.  Katrina’s Email:

Spiritual Support

We realize that this is a difficult time for many of us. Every day the news seems to get worse.  However, 2 Timothy 1:7 says that “God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control”.  God is bigger than the coronavirus, and we want to encourage you with his strength during this season. I don’t believe that is an accident that our church is encountering this crisis right in the middle of our 40 Day Prayer Challenge. So we want to encourage you to press in to prayer and continue reading the book. If you never picked up a book, you can order one online here. We hope our weekly services will encourage you as well, but we are also planning something more.

Over the coming weeks, we will begin to have a weekly webchat/teleconference on Tuesdays at 7PM that will include a short devotional, a time of prayer and a time to connect with me (Pastor Dan) if you have questions or just need to chat.

Being the Hands and Feet of Christ

If Christ were present in the middle of this crisis, I have no doubt that he would use this opportunity to show love and compassion to those around him.  I believe God is calling our church to be wise but not live in fear. During this time, I want to encourage you to use every opportunity you can to show love and kindness.  You might pick up some groceries for a neighbor who is vulnerable to the virus. You might share a spare bottle of hand sanitizer or cleaner with someone that has none.  Pandemics can cause us all to turn inward, practice self-preservation and ignore the needs of others.  As servants of Christ, we are told over and over again to care for those around us. Part of caring for others includes social distancing but sometimes caring for others will include taking action.

So, that leads me to the final thing I want to share. Instead of hunkering down in our bunker and turning a blind eye to our city, I believe we as a church should look for places to serve.  In the coming days, we will be assembling opportunities for our members to serve our neighborhoods as well as those who are vulnerable within our congregation.

In order to serve, we ask that you be in good health and outside of the population that the CDC has said are at high risk during this pandemic.

Wrapping Up

Isn’t it wonderful that we have a church community to lean on during these difficult days?  We are seeing before our eyes the reason God intended for us to do life together.  I pray that God increases your faith during these coming weeks. He is faithful to meet all of our needs. He is just waiting to be asked. Please reach out if you have any needs we might can help you with.  Please continue to pray for our church, our city and our world. 

                                    May God bless you and keep you!  – Pastor Dan

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