The Word (Christmas Series)

God’s very presence came fully to this world in the presence of Jesus Christ.  He continues to be light for a world groping in the darkness. The story of Christmas is that the Word came and lived among us.  God is not distant. He is here.  Because he is here, we can have light, hope, new birth, grace and truth.

The Word
December 3
John 1: 1-3
Jesus is the Son of God and full of power and divinity.

 The Light
December 10
John 1:4-5
The prophet had proclaimed that those who walk in darkness will see a great light. Jesus is the long promised light. Our world is still a very dark place but he shines his light of hope.

Unrecognized by the World
December 17
John 1:10 – 13
Much of our world continues to reject Jesus but he holds out the hope of our being born again into God’s family if we can believe.

The Word Became Flesh
December 24
John 1:14-18
What does God look like?  We can simply look at Jesus to see him. On that first Christmas, he brought the glory of God down to us.

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