Upside Down Series

In Matthew 5, 6 & 7, Jesus gives us a surprising glimpse at the ethics of His coming Kingdom.  His teaching impacts our social status, our friendships, how we view money, and how we practice our faith.  His teaching is so counter-cultural that he appears to take our cultural norms and turn them upside down.  And yet these unlikely truths give us a foundation of truth that can withstand the storms of life.  The underlying assumption of our culture is that our decisions should simply serve to make us happy. Jesus, however, promises us joy by serving and surrendering. Prepare to be challenged with this vision of upside-down living.


August 20
Unexpected Fulfillment, Matthew 5:1-12

August 27
Real Relationship, Matthew 5:21-48, 7:1-6

September 3
Worry Free Living, Matthew 6:19-34

September 10,
Simple Faith, Matthew 6:1-18, 7:7-27

September 17

September 24

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