The Way of Jesus (March/April 2017 Series)

In the book of Acts, Christians are referred to as those who are on “The Way.” In Mark’s Gospel we get an image of Jesus’ followers walking and learning from him as he makes his way towards Jerusalem. Over these next several weeks we will walk with Jesus as well as he makes his way towards Jerusalem and the cross. We will find the way of Jesus often has unexpected twists and turns but also unexpected rewards.   Join a community group to discuss Mark 8-16 in March & April.

1.  The Timing of Jesus (John 11:1-18, Mark 14:1-9, Luke 10:38-42)  Rev. Michael Thigpen

2. The Way of Radical Surrender (Mark 10:17-45)
Note:  Audio at full levels @ 4:46

3. Way of Worship (Mark 11:1-11)

4. Way of Love (Mark 12:28-34)

5. Way of Readiness (Mark 13)


6. Way of the Cross (Mark 15)


7. Way of Life (Mark 16)

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