The Scandal of Christmas

A sweet mother looks on at her newborn wrapped in clean white cloth lying in a trough lined with fresh straw. The sheep bleat softly in the background. We’ve sanitized the Christmas story so much that we forget all of the scandal involved. An unmarried woman is pregnant. Joseph’s family tree is filled with corrupt people. The political powers are bypassed to institute a new kingdom. Scandal is everywhere in the story. This is the beginning of God being with us. Its a story that is surprising but it reminds us that there is hope in the most unlikely circumstances – that God often breaks the rules to surprise us. Your Christmas will likely be messy but in the mess don’t be too disappointed. God does some of his best work in the messiness of life.

Scandal of Hope 11.26.16

Scandal of Peace 12.4.16

Scandal of Joy 12.11.16

Scandal of Love 12.18.16

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