Distortion: A Galatians Series

Sometimes something is so precious, so valuable, so completely treasured that it must be defended at all costs. For Paul, that one thing was the gospel. It was the gospel of grace that had completely and totally changed him. It was the gospel of grace that had set him free from the law of sin and death. It was the gospel of grace that he had been called by God to preach.

So when a group of teachers (the Judaizers) began to visit the churches that Paul had started and preach a distorted version of the gospel, Paul responded quickly and forcefully. He was incensed that those who had found true freedom in Christ were once again becoming enslaved to a “gospel” based on moral performance and ritualistic conformity.

Part 1 – Performance Distortion
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Part 2 – Indulgence Distortion


Part 3 – Entitlement Distortion

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