What guests are saying about Northwest…

“I noticed the friendly faces. It made me feel at home. No one was unhappy and then I was greeted by some of the children getting ready to learn down stairs.

“The warm welcome in the lobby”

“The warmth of the members and friendly attitudes toward newcomers.”

“Welcoming faces”

“How nicely kept the grounds/building were and how welcoming people were”

“The difficulty of parking, honestly, but we got over that quickly when we realized how friendly the people were.”

“Smaller, diverse, more personal and very friendly church.”

“Friendly people”

“friendly/welcoming atmosphere

“We liked that everyone we met took time out to meet us and try to get to know us.”

“Lovely and very empowering”

“Very positive.”

“A truly community church, suitable for new /young disciples”

“Nice God loving church who focuses on prayer!”

“I was pleased the pastor took time for an impromptu meeting before the service started.”

“Very friendly, well-rounded church.”

(Responses taken from online surveys of first-time guests.)

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