2 Timothy Series: (Not a) Self-Guided Tour

No one’s journey of faith is a solo experience. Each of us have people who impact the way that we look at God, at faith, at the church. Some have a positive influence. Some a negative one. Some of us surround ourselves with a rich matrix of relationships that provide guidance, counsel, and positive role models. Others miss out on the relationship resources that surround them. Some ignore them intentionally.

Whether you call them mentors, coaches, disciplers, spiritual directors or something else. Whether you formalize the relationship or function more organically. God uses others to speak into our lives and help us live out God’s calling on our life. One of those persons for a young pastor named Timothy was a church-planting evangelist named Paul.

Timothy was a third generation Christian. God had used his mother and grandmother to bring him to faith and nurture him in that faith. Paul became a kind of mentor to Timothy. No one brokered the relationship. It wasn’t necessarily a formal arrangement. But Paul impacted Timothy’s life and, no doubt, Timothy impacted Paul’s life.

The most important aspect of the relationship was that Timothy gave Paul permission to speak into his life. Paul’s words to Timothy were encouraging, but they were also instructional and, at times, even confrontational. And that was fine with Timothy. Timothy had no desire to surround himself with people who saw everything the way he saw it. He was wise enough to know he needed other voices, a different perspective. The book of 2 Timothy gives us a glimpse of that relationship and provides us with wisdom to live out God’s calling in our own lives


Part 1 –  2 Timothy 1: Be Faithful

Part 2 – 2 Timothy 2: Pass the Baton

Part 3 – 2 Timothy 3: Be Ready

Part 4 – 2 Timothy 4: Finish Well

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