“Jesus” Sermon Series


Most of us have only read or studied the Bible in small chunks. We read stories and hear theological concepts that make sense but are in isolation from each other. We read the “stories” of the Bible, but often we miss the “story” of the Bible. This one singular story that runs from Genesis to Revelation. A story told through many different genres and many different voices.

It’s a story that we sometimes miss because of our own theological biases and assumptions. We may even focus on the texts that seem to support our position and skip over the ones that challenge our beliefs or how we are living our lives. Our focus for this series will be New Testament, but we will set that within the context of the whole arc of scripture that leads us to one undeniable subject – Jesus.

March 9
Part 1 – True & Better


March 16
Part 2 – Christ: Son of Man


March 23
Part 3 – Christ: Son of God


March 30
Part 4 – The Cross


April 4
Part 5 – The Church


April 11
Part 6 – The Consummation