Love Revolution Series

Love Revolution

Those who had longed for the coming of a Messiah waited in anticipation for the revolution he would bring. Surely the Savior would overthrow the evil Roman government and establish a new kind of kingdom. They were right. But the revolution that Jesus brought was not what they expected. It was a revolution of love. And love is more than a belief. It’s more than a conviction. Love is an action. Love sacrifices. Love does. Jesus invites us to join this revolution. Living like he lived. Loving like he loved. Join us for this 4-week series where we will look at changing the world through the transforming power of love.

February 9
Part 1 – Stalking Jesus


February 16
Part 2 – The Persistence of Love


February 23
Part 3 – Writing a Love Story


March 2
Part 4 – Love Always Says Yes

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