Fair Trade Coffee

Excerpt from “Land of a Thousand Hills” coffee company.

Rwanda is the birthplace of the Drink Coffee. Do Good.™ story. When Jonathan Golden learned that the 1994 genocide in Rwanda devastated the coffee growing community and left the surviving growers in unjust conditions, he had an inkling: What if a cup of coffee could transform a village? And so it has.

Rwanda, the land of a thousand hills, with it’s high altitude and volcanic soil grows some of the finest coffee in the world. Once a country ravaged by genocide, Rwanda is now a beacon of light to the world. The Rwandan people are a shining example of forgiveness, reconciliation and hope despite the deepest of tragedies. We have learned so much from the Rwandan people and these relationships have been the foundation for our Community Trade model. Farmers continue to grow excellent coffee and communities are slowly being transformed as we work together. The story continues to unfold and you can be a part of it. Drink Coffee. Do Good.™

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