September Series – The Table:Re-imagining Authentic Community

The Table. It’s the place we gather to nourish our bodies. It’s also the place we gather to nourish our souls. The table is the place where community happens. Healthy families gather around the table. Friends gather around the table. They gather to laugh, tells stories, reflect on life and generally connect with each other. The table has always played an important role in building community, whether it’s in one’s home or one’s favorite restaurant.

However, many churches have lost sight of the centrality of the table. We gather in rows in huge auditoriums. We even gather in circles in classrooms and family rooms. But we no longer gather (on any regular basis) around the table. Could it be that, in our pursuit for authentic community, many Christ followers have looked past the most obvious place where authentic community is found? Does the church need to re-imagine authentic community and develop a stronger “table theology?”

In this 5-week series, we will look at the centrality of the table in the Biblical narrative. We will examine the need for Christ-centered table gatherings and the role they play in building community within the church and connecting with those outside the church. We want each person in the congregation to gain a new perspective on the table and a renewed passion to genuinely enter into the lives of those inside and outside the church, all around the person of Jesus Christ.

Part 1: Christ at the Table
Key Texts: Matthew 26:26-29, Acts 2:42-47

Part 2: Invited to the Table
Key Text: Matthew 9:9-12


Part 3:The Messy Table
Key Text: Acts 10 & 15


Part 4: Table Manners
Key Text: 1 Cor. 11:17-34


Part 5: A Reserved Table
Key Text: Luke 14:15-24



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