All In – June/July Sermon Series

How would you answer the “What is?” question in your life?  What is your current need?  What is the state of your soul? What is the thing that gives you comfort?  The “what is?” question is usually easy to answer.  It’s the “What if?” question that pushes us to the point that we are forced to exercise our faith.  What if you left it all behind?  What if you took the risk?  What if you forsook your life along with its comforts to make a sacrifice for God?  Abraham is known as the ultimate example of a person willing to answer the “What if?” question with extreme acts of faith throughout his life.  As we study his life in this sermon series, you just might find yourself you might just find yourself going all in.  

Part 1: Leave Everything Behind, Genesis 12-13

Part 2: Trust God, Genesis 15

Part 3: Pursue Everything Patiently, Genesis 16-17

Part 4: Cast Everything Out, Genesis 20-21

Part 5: Lay Everything Down, Genesis 22
Not Available

Part 6: Mourn Everything Hopefully, Genesis 23

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