It Came From the Movies


Perhaps more than any other medium, movies reflect our cultural values. In this exciting Summer series, we will use some of the most popular movies of 2012 to examine what our culture gets right and what it gets wrong when compared with the truths of God’s Word.  We will look at issues that arise in films, such as crisis, the gift of grace, perseverance, the journey of faith and many others. This is a great series to invite a friend to hear.

  • May 12 – Les Miserables
    Movie Clip: Valjean is caught stealing silver but the bishop releases him and adds two candlesticks to his take.


  • May 19 – The Impossible
    Movie Clip: Scene of devastation from the movie The Impossible


  • May 26 – Hunger Games
    Movie Clip: Selection of child from District 12.


  • June 2 – Avengers
    Movie Clip: Scene of the heroes struggling to work together.


  • June 9 – The Hobbit
    Movie Clip: Scene of Dwarves losing their home…Bilbo stays to help.


  • June 16 – 42 (Story of Jackie Robinson)
    Movie Clip: Trailer from movie


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