Ask Anything


April 7 – May 5, 2013
Do you have questions about God?
Questions about how God is at work in the world? Questions about how God is at work in your life? You’re not alone. God often works in ways that are baffling and confusing to us. Sometimes it leaves us with unanswered questions, wonder and doubt. In April we will be doing a sermon series called, “Ask Anything,” and will be addressing some of these questions.

Week 1 – How was the Bible written and how can we explain the discrepancies we sometimes perceive in the Bible?


Week 2 – How can I be holy without being self-righteous or judgmental?


Week 3 – What are the roles and the relationship of the three members of the Trinity?


Week 4 -How can I know if it’s God’s voice leading me or if it is just my own ambition?

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