“Pause” Sermon Series

As Summer approaches it’s the perfect season to take a much needed vacation, to spend time with friends and family, and to rejuvenate. In the owner’s manual for our lives God informs us that we were meant to follow a rhythm of work and rest. In fact, He must have known that we would be tempted to not take it seriously so He elevated it to the status of His top ten list. In other words, rest and rejuvenation is serious business to God. However, in our pressure-packed lives we hesitate to step out of the rat race for fear that the world may stop spinning without us or others may edge us out. So we keep running in an exhausted state. Our relationships suffer. Our decision-making suffers. Our health suffers. In this series you’ll be encouraged to live as God intended you to live and to trust that as you pause from your work that God will honor your act of obedience.

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