Social Nights

If you are young or young-ish and want to get out and enjoy the city, these monthly events are for you. Join us the second Friday of each month for fun events around the city. Contact the church office for more information. 2019 Upcoming Events Friday, January 11 – Jazz Night on U Street Friday, February 8 – Single’s Dinner & Movie Friday, March 8 – Capitals Hockey Game  

Master Mind January Series

Too often we’re prisoners to our thoughts: those voices telling us to worry, that we aren’t good enough, or that we can’t ever change our behavior. But Mastermind, a four-part series, shines a light on the strongholds that hold us down and gives us the tools we need to shatter them. Through the healing power of Christ and some practical applications, we can rewire our brain to become the person God designed us to be.

5PM Christmas Eve 2018

Join us for our Christmas Eve celebration service at 5PM on Dec 24th. The service will be family friendly and will last one hour.  Lots of your favorite Christmas music, lighting the final advent candles, reading of the Christmas story and a meaningful reflection by our pastor. And, of course there is always snow in the forecast at Northwest on Christmas Eve! Come enjoy a memorable service.


JANUARY January TBD – Bible 101 Seminar January 17 – Men’s Fellowship night at 7PM January 20 – Mastermind Series Begins January 20 – Social Hour after Worship January 18 – Youth Friday Meetup January 26 – Youth @ Ice Skating and Dinner January 27 – Leader Huddle after Worship FEBRUARY February 1 – Youth Friday Meetup February 3 – Super Bowl of Preaching February 3 – Football Snack Social Hour after Worship February 8 – Social Nights @ Single’s […]

Advent Sermon Series

A “peculiar” Christmas might not sound like your ideal description. Most of us go after a magical Christmas or a spectacular Christmas. But if there is one season that Believers have good reason to celebrate differently it is Christmas. This year Northwest is on a mission to help you reclaim the joy of Christmas. Instead of strained relationships, ballooning credit card debt, the holiday blues and packed schedules, we are encouraging you to be peculiar. On November 25, we will […]

Comparison Trap

It’s all too easy to compare our messy reality to someone else’s perfect snapshot—just pick up your phone. Our imperfect homes, families, careers and relationships usually don’t match up to the absurd standards we’ve photoshopped in our minds. And not only is it exhausting trying to keep up with the Jones’—it’s dangerous. How can we experience true joy and satisfaction, if we’re racking up debt to keep pace with someone else? There’s no win in comparison. It’s a trap. The […]

Love, Sex & Dating

Maybe you who have just been in one bad relationship after another after another and you’ve decided there are only bad relationships, and you are ready to give up looking for a spouse.  This series will give you hope that relationships can work even if you don’t buy everything the culture tells you about relationships. Copies of a book by the same name as this series will be available in our lobby for $5. Dating   Are You Overjoyed Sex Love

Ordinances: Channels of Grace

There are three things that Jesus told his followers specifically to do. Baptism, Communion and the washing of feet were all important commands. In this series, we will explore these three Ordinances and grow in our understanding and appreciation of all three. This topic is meant to transform how you see the Lord’s Table, Baptism and the act of serving others. BAPTISM, Colossians 2:11-12 COMMUNION, 1 Corinthians 11:17-34